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Where do I go for Financial Assistance?

We have funding available through financial institutions that offer student loans, with approved credit, and if you qualify. If you are unemployed, check with your local employment office, since they have numerous programs for which you may be eligible. If you are in the military, you should know that National Training is approved for the Military Spouse program – MyCAA.  We will assist you anyway possible to help you secure funding...

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What type of equipment will I be training on?

Your training will include modern, late model: Bulldozers Excavators Tractor/Loader-backhoes Articulating loaders Bobcat® Skid Steer Loaders Compact Excavators. National utilizes many and various brands and sizes of heavy equipment machines.  All of this equipment is owned, leased, or rented to insure that an adequate number of properly working machines are available for students.  Of course, we cannot guarantee that any one specific...

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Why is the School located in Florida?

There are many advantages to conducting our resident training in Florida. First, the weather is great most days of the year.  No snow days here!  Rains do not last long and it’s warm enough to wear shorts almost year round.  This all adds up to no student training down time! Also, we want our students to totally enjoy their training experience. This objective cannot be accomplished through work alone.  A fair amount of recreation...

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Why is the course conducted in two phases, Distance Learning and Resident?

Our courses are designed with the busy new millennium student in mind.  We understand the constraints on your time. Because of this, our course is designed so you can complete the first half of the program in the best classroom available – your own home! Our students love being able to study these lessons at their own pace, when they want and where they want. All education materials for this portion are available online via the...

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Is there a National Training Heavy Equipment Operators School near me?

Conducting this type of training is not a simple process.  The permits needed, licenses, environmental impact, and the enormous amount of land required to conduct this type of training, make it difficult to teach this type of training everywhere.  That is probably why heavy construction operator schools are not found in most communities. In fact the National Heavy Equipment Operators School has invested years of time and vast legal...

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