Career Student Loans Help National Training Inc Students with CDL Training Cost

Applicants should not be discouraged from applying for acceptance because of a lack of financial resources for tuition and related costs. National Training, Inc. has arranged for funding availability through private sources. These funds are loaned out to students who display financial need, in the form of a Career Student Loan.

Bad Credit Does Not Disqualify Students from Receiving Loans

Illustration representing financing for CDL training cost

Sometimes students think that they can’t afford truck driver training. They wonder how to get a CDL when they don’t have a big savings account. But with National Training Inc, most of them don’t need to worry about that.

Whether you have good credit or bad credit, it’s usually no problem to arrange a loan for you. You must have the ability to benefit from our training, of course, and there are a few other exceptions. But usually, we can arrange a loan for any applicant who would be acceptable for hire into the truck driving industry upon graduation.

Some Special Funding Available to Cover Truck Driving School Cost

In addition to private loans, National Training Inc accept funding for students who qualify for special training programs offered through certain government and private programs. To learn more about these, please click on a link below:

Please note that National Training, Inc. does not participate in any Title IV, Federal Student Financial Aid Programs.

Please contact the Student Services Department (800-488-7364) for details, qualifications and current information about financing for CDL training cost.

Qualify for Employment by filling out the Q-Form Request Information Make a Payment Toll Free 1 800 488 7364