What are trucking companies trying to do about the shortage of drivers?

The personnel offices of the trucking industry are busy creating new innovative approaches for attracting new drivers. Those qualified to enter the industry will most likely receive a reimbursement for all tuition and training costs. Such things as higher pay, better scheduling and, of course, ‘scouting the schools’ is also being done. These firms are starting to change schedules from the old long-haul trucker itinerary (requiring weeks away from home) to the new “relay system” where drivers are away from home for only a few nights a week.

In addition there is competition among truck manufacturers that will continue, as they all compete to produce the most luxurious truck. Naturally, these new modern, comfortable trucks will be sold to the trucking industry to help lure new drivers.

From what we have seen and heard, trucking firms are also offering special benefits, such as;

  • Home leave policies – More companies are making sure their professional truck drivers are home on weekends.   And about 80% of long-distance truckers now use up-to-date forms of communications to stay in touch, such as email, Skype, and VOIP phone calls.
  • Fancier trucks – An example: Drivers who have worked for Star Transportation in Nashville for 10 years can pick out their own trucks, complete with accessories.

Author: National Training, Inc.

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